Makeup Lessons in London

Full Makeup Lesson - £100 (120 minutes)

This session will equip you with everything you need to know to apply makeup to skilfully enhance your features. I’ll review your current makeup bag and give you some bespoke product recommendations, before demonstrating a day look that is tailored to you. You’ll then recreate this with my guidance. Next, I’ll show you how to amp up this look so that you will also be able to add an evening makeup look to your makeup wardrobe. By the time you leave you will be super confident and have all of the skills you need to recreate both looks at home. This is the ultimate makeup experience in London.

Shorter Makeup Lessons

Wedding Guest Makeup - £80 (90 minutes)

You’ve tried on a million dresses, bought and returned multiple pairs of shoes, tested out all of the bags in your collection – don’t let your makeup let you down at the last minute! When we go to a wedding we want to feel and look amazing, and during this session I will devise the perfect makeup look to complement your look, then you will apply it with my guidance, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you will look fabulous in all of the photos.

Smokey Eye - £80 (90 minutes)

Want to know how to create a sexy, elegant smokey eye? Look no further! In this session I will demonstrate how to create the perfect smokey eye, guide you as you re-create it, and give you bespoke product recommendations to kit you up for the ultimate smoulder.

Date Night Makeup - £80 (90 minutes)

Knock your partner’s sock’s off with a makeup look that is flattering, special and a little bit sexy. I’ll show you how to apply a sumptuous look and you’ll recreate it with my guidance, giving you bespoke product recommendations whilst I do it. They won’t know what’s hit them by the time we’re done.

Big Night Out Makeup - £80 (90 minutes)

Got a big birthday coming up? Having an engagement party? Or a night out with the girls? No matter what the occasion I’ll demonstrate a gorgeous makeup look tailored to your desires. You’ll be super confident at applying this on your own and we’ll make sure that whatever room you’re in, you’ll light it up.

Professional Makeup - £80 (90 minutes)

This session will focus on helping you to look polished and professional when you only have half an hour to get ready. I will create a look for you that emphasises your best features, perfects any flaws without looking like you’re wearing tonnes of makeup, and is quick to apply. You’ll then practise applying this look with my guidance.

Work Event Makeup - £80 (90 minutes)

Work events walk that fine line between business and pleasure, and during this session I will guide you through applying a look that is professional but also a little bit special. You’ll be full of confidence by the time we’re finished!

Colour Me Beautiful - £80 (90 minutes)

Have you ever wondered what colours to use in your makeup to flatter you the most? Have you always felt confused about which colour combinations to wear together? Want to know which colours to avoid? This is the session for you. I’ll give you bespoke recommendations and show you how to apply a makeup look where the colours are tailored to you.

Pretty Day Look - £80 (90 minutes)

In this session you’ll get to know the basics to create a pretty day look that you can apply super quickly but still looks fresh, glowing and pulled together. I’ll demonstrate how to apply this look, then you’ll have a go at applying it yourself with me there to help you every step of the way. You’ll also receive some bespoke product recommendations to start building your perfect everyday look.

Try Before You Buy - £80 (90 minutes)

Have you seen a product that you like the look of but you’re not sure how or when to apply it? As well as showing you some general makeup tips and tricks, I’ll show you how to apply it really well, so you can truly test out whether it’s for you or not. I’ll incorporate your product into a general makeup lesson and, of course, give you some bespoke product recommendations at the same time.

Group Makeup Lessons

Girls Night In - £50 per person

Get the prosecco chilling, those snack bowls filled, and grab your girls – this is the ultimate night in. I will show you all how to create a fabulous makeup look and then guide you as you apply this to each other. You’ll end the evening having laughed a lot, looking gorgeous and feeling super confident in your makeup application skills!

Mother and Daughter Makeup - £120 (180 minutes)

Enjoy some real quality time with the special woman in your life. Let me design and apply a makeup look of your choice to both of you, guiding you as you have a go at recreating it. You’ll leave the session with a list of bespoke product recommendations, feeling super-bonded to your loved one.

Teen Lessons

Teen Introduction to Makeup - £80 (90 minutes)

Is your teenager showing an interest in makeup? Would you like to skill her up so that she is an expert in applying her own makeup, knowing what flatters her most and how to draw out her best features? This session is a brilliant foundation for your teen to build upon to ensure she knows exactly how to look her best. 

Teen Glitter and Glow Festival Night In - £50 per person

Grab your girls (and guys) – we’re getting seriously sparkly! Learn how to apply makeup looks that are creative and exciting – we’ll have the most fun ever applying these to each other and there will be glitter galore! By the end of our session, you’ll be festival ready!

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Special Occasion and Wedding Makeup Price List

Bridal: £150

Your wedding day is wonderful, but it can also be very stressful. On the morning of your special day, one thing you definitely won’t have to worry about is your makeup. You can sit back and relax while I stop at nothing to make you feel the most beautiful you have ever felt.  

Bridal Trial: £80

Your trial will be the chance for us to work together to create a completely individual and bespoke wedding look that considers every element, including your colouring, face shape, personal style, and of course the dress! Whether you want a vintage vibe, a full-on glamorous look or a more natural style, we will find the look that suits you best. 

Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride/Groom: £65

Give the other members of your wedding party the chance to indulge in a bit of luxury as I give them a makeover to make them feel confident and gorgeous on your special day.

Event Makeup: £65

Do you have a big event coming up? Do you want to look flawless and feel amazing? I will work with you to make sure that happens, no matter what the occasion, with my event makeup package.

Gift Vouchers Available

Please note: travel costs will be additional.
I require a 50% deposit on booking and the full amount to be paid a month before the event/wedding.

Before / After

Have a look at some of our stunning clients. Browse some before and after shots to see what make up they opted for for their wedding, event or party!